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To Be an Open Door of Light

Few among the religious of the world have come to grips with the reality that every avatar has come not to condemn but to enhance the consciousness of the abundant life. Life that is abundant is life which engages in the free flow of light between the nucleus of the Atom of Being, the Great I AM, and the soul who elects by free will to serve on the periphery of the Great Atom of Selfhood.

The abundant life is the standard of the personal Christ and his Christ consciousness, which mediates between the white fire core and the one who chooses to be the open door of that light midst earth and her evolutions. Members of all religious bodies ought to realize that the platform of the soul’s evolution from lifetime to lifetime is most surely threatened by the strategies of the fallen ones who manipulate the law of supply and demand and the economics of the nations.

If the religious leaders of the world in every faith would recognize their responsibility to ensoul the Christ light and to teach this meditation upon the indwelling Person of the Word, they and their members midst the body of believers could hold the balance for the ebb and flow of the spiritual/material tides of light, energy, supply, and God consciousness made manifest as the daily necessities of life.

So many have never perceived the real mission of the avatars of East and West to unite the children of the light under the Tree of Life, the blessed I AM Presence, whose fruit is for the nourishment of souls as well as the initiation of the Christ consciousness and whose leaves are for the healing of the economies of the nations.

Saint Germain. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 23, No. 7.